It's Not Just Your Trailer, But What's Inside

Anyone in the racing industry has heard way too many stories about trailers being stolen.  Many times, the trailers are found, but they're abandoned as a shell and all of the contents are gone--including race cars and thousands of dollars worth of tools.

Racing trailers are the reason the Track N Recover Trip Mode Tracker was developed.  Equipped with a motion sensor, you'll receive a location alert when your trailer leaves a spot and also when it stops.  In the event that your trailer is stolen, it's easy to contact support directly from the app on your phone to not only track, but help you recover your stolen property.


I Never Thought it Would Happen to Me

This is the most common phrase said by racers who have had their race cars or trailers stolen. 

Unfortunately, there's been a trend of racing trailers getting stolen. You can protect yourself and get ahead of the trend by placing a tracker.