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What do I need to do if my vehicle/equipment is stolen?

In the event your vehicle is stolen, follow these steps to active the InTouch Vehicle Protection System and allow law enforcement to begin the recovery process of your vehicle:

Step 1: Report the Theft to Law Enforcement

Report the theft of your vehicle to the local law enforcement department where your vehicle was stolen. Be sure that the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) listed on the stolen vehicle report is correct and all areas of the police report are completed fully, and then sign the report.

Step 2: Call InTouch VP Support at 1-866-413-7446

The live customer care center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and will be available to assist. Report to Support that your vehicle has been stolen and you need to activate your InTouch Vehicle Protection System.

Step 3: Fax or Email us a copy of your police report

To confirm vehicle ownership and accuracy, InTouch VP Support will request a copy of the police report. Email: or fax: 303-623-6500.

Step 4:

Once the police report is received, the InTouch Vehicle Protection representative will Active the InTouch VP device and begin active locates of your vehicle. (note that activation can take up to 12 hours).

Step 5:

Using the location history feature in the InTouch VP app, provide law enforcement with the last known locate of your vehicle to continue assisting them in your vehicle recovery.